Most people gain an initial impression about others during the first 30 seconds after meeting them. For that reason it’s important to invest in yourself. It’s worth of having a beautiful smile!

A beautiful smile always helps in life. No matter what your age you are always welcome at Ortholine where we take care of your smile. We treat malocclusions in children, adolescents and adults using removable and fixed appliances. We also use the newest methods of treatment providing quick effects with minimal discomfort for the patient. For demanding patients or those who feel self-conscious with the presence of a visible appliance in their mouths, we offer almost invisible aesthetic braces.

We offer you treatment in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, but always in a fully professional manner. We will carefully listen to your needs and propose the most favourable solutions. Our experience gathered in Polish research institutions, as well as through courses and practise in renowned European clinics, guarantees you proper orthodontic and dental care.